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Project Description
StsAdm extensions project from Ideas for Free, for example stsadm -o copyfarmappbincontent , for resource/artifact deployment in server farm architecture. It's developed using .NET 3.5.


This is another StsAdm extensions. I know that there are others stsadm extensions around , such as the one from G. Lapointe. However, I would like to take this opportunity to enrich those collections with new functionality or improvements to existing ones. This project will requires dll compiled from Custom SharePoint STSADM Commands Template Project. I took AS IS, and the compiled DLL is embeded in this project.

IdeasFree StsAdm Extension collections:
  1. stsadm -o copyfarmappbincontent
Replacement for the standard stsadm -o copyappbincontent , so the deployment will run in server farm configuration.
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For more information visit Ideas for Free

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